The Stories

I have had four books published so far. The fourth book, The Michmash Miracles, is a rewrite of the first. It has been renamed, remarketed, expertly designed and brilliantly edited. I am currently rewriting my second book in the same way.
My theme is World War One in the Middle East although book four also includes events in World War Two.
I like to portray what life was like for ordinary men and women living through these historic events and I try to bring the history alive by telling the stories.

I am also writing a new book this time about the Middle Ages, featuring, Eleanor of Aquitaine, her son King Richard The Lionheart, Saladin and a young boy born with one arm. I think this will take me a couple of years but I am very much looking forward to developing and researching the story.
I hope you enjoy reading them. Either way i would very much appreciate your comments.

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