Doctors at War

Just released! Available on Amazon, Kindle and Paperback!

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The story begins in World War 1 in Maltese hospitals and in Salonika where the British and their allies are fighting the Macedonians. Two doctors meet and clash.  She was trained in Edinburgh in the times when lady doctors were despised and mistrusted and had to fight for their status and respect and she became an active Suffragette. He was trained in The Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin and in nearby hospitals. Both doctors were strongly opinionated and passionate about their calling and a collision of personalities was inevitable. Under these circumstances their eventual achievements of creating not one but two doctor’s practices in London as well as producing a daughter were minor miracles!

Action then takes place in World War 2 in the Blitz, in the code breaking world of Bletchley Park and the Battle of the Atlantic and finally in the terrible Battle of Kohima against the Japanese.