The Michmash Miracles




Two battles three thousand years apart yet almost identical in every detail. The British Army faced the Turks uphill towards Michmash with expected high loss of life when the proposed attack was due. A British major was reading the bible the night before the battle and found a reference to Michmash where the Israelites under Saul and his son Jonathan were facing a huge army of Philistines. Jonathan finds a secret passage enabling him to outflank the enemy. The major sends a group of men to find the passage and outflank the enemy in the same way as Jonathan did. History repeats itself after three thousand years. This was a mysterious and miraculous event which continues to confound historians.
The book follows the life and experiences of Jonathan and then fast-forwards to 1918 when the British Army is fighting the Turks in Palestine, following the adventures of chef and soldier Bert Sugarman.


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