My Books

I visited Israel with family members in 2014 to research my first book. We found the small town of Mukhmas which is the modern name of Michmash mentioned in 1 Samuel in the Old Testament. This picture was taken from Saul’s camp, adjacent to the area of the battle. This was also the site of the British camp in WW1.
We tried to walk the whole site but could not do so due to a small political situation. I would love to go back another time and examine the site in much more detail.
My favourite sites are the Sea of Galilee, Megiddo and the Jezreel valley.
Previously I have cycled the Country twice and cycled the mountains into and across Jordan. Really looking forward to my next visit.

Groups and Clubs
I regularly talk to Groups and Clubs about WWI in the Middle-East and my books. I use a power point presentation and allow time for questions.
If you would like me to give a talk please email me on:


Instagram: nigelmessenger2019